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Audit, Tax and Accounting Services

Audit, Tax and Accounting Services

In order to build value into a business, we need to ensure that accounting records are timely and accurate. Most often, business owners are very knowledgeable in their field of service; however, they are not the best person to complete their daily bookkeeping. The more accurate the bookkeeping, the more correct the accounting and tax work is. Starting with bookkeeping, this service allows SPC to understand the mechanics of your business which is key in reading between the lines when accounting services are provided.

Our accounting services are tailored depending on the requirements of each of our clients. Some many require annual reporting and others may require monthly reporting. Whichever the case, SPC can provide timely reporting and combined with bookkeeping services can provide a unique perspective in order to read into the numbers on the financial statements in more detail to create growth opportunities in the future.

Tax is a concept that makes most business owners very nervous simply due to the complexities of the Income Tax Act. It is what you don’t know that gets most business owners in trouble with the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”). However, at SPC we are committed to providing sound tax advice in addition to completing any tax related compliance which is required for your business. It is our job to not only complete the work but to educate our clients in order to diminish the fear that the word “tax” instils. Most large business transactions (internal or external) will involve some sort of tax impact and therefore it is imperative that before settling these transactions that you talk with a tax professional in order to prevent issues from arising with CRA. Our experience and consistent commitment to furthering our education in the tax world through courses such as the CPA In-Depth Taxation helps to ensure that we provide our clients with the most accurate tax advice regardless of whether they are an individual, partnership, small, mid-size or large corporation.

We offer

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Financial Statements – Notice to the Reader, Review, and Audit
  • Tax Compliance –Corporate, Trust and Personal
  • In-depth tax advice including Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP), tax audits, Corporate Reorganizations – Section 85 rollovers, Section 86 share capital reorganizations, Section 87 amalgamations and Section 88 wind-ups.