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Exit Planning

Exit Planning

You’ve worked hard for many years to build your business. You deserve to be well compensated for your time and energy either upon retirement or exiting business for other reasons. However, to show the business value to a third party buyer of your business or do a smooth sale or succession to your family member(s), Exit Planning and Expert Exit Planning Advisor is the key.

Exit Planning is the creation and execution of a comprehensive roadmap allowing business owners to exit from businesses on their own terms, conditions and time lines. It includes the preparation to maximize the value of the business, exploring multiple exit options including transfer ownership to family members, or sales to other shareholders, third parties, employees – Employee Stock Ownership Plan “ESOP”, or management – Management Buy Out “MBO”. It is a well discussed, written and cohesive process involving efforts of several experts to achieve the business owners personal and business goals.

Usually business owners fail to fully realize the value of their businesses and their personal objectives not because there is a short supply of buyers or capital, but due to poor exit planning. The problem is compounded due to the nature of the need and professional service availability. An exit planning demands answers to business, estate, financial, tax, and legal. However, professionals who can answer these questions work in their own silos, resulting in no cohesiveness to fulfill the need.

An Exit Planning Advisor is an expert who is in the profession of facilitating exit planning process. Exit Planning Advisor ensures not only the plan creation, but also the execution. Based on experience, and training, we have learned how to serve the unique issues of exit planning. By bringing in other qualified professionals when needed, we work as a quarterback to lead the process. If you have other trusted professionals already, we work with them to provide advice on area assigned to us. Using advance businesses diagnostics, business valuation, business enhancing and planning techniques, we can significantly increase your business value, minimize, defer or eliminates taxes, control exit terms, reduce family and employee stress, and bring-in more qualified buyers.

We offer

  • Design and implementation a tax effective comprehensive exit plan based on your need and objectives.