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Debt and Equity Financing

Debt and Equity Financing

We perform business diagnostics, analyze strategic direction, and study your internal and external business environment. We look into funding alternatives including government financing, operating lines, term debt, subordinated debt, real estate financing, and private and public equity. Further, we look into the risk perspective of a commercial banker or equity fund provider. We analyze what capital providers are seeking, issues that may arise, and how your business should prepare for such transactions. Prior to presenting the finance request to a fund provider (bank, investor etc.) we structure the request for funding and prepare tactical documents.

You know that you need capital for refinancing, acquisition, restructuring, or business start-up; however, you may not know who to and how to approach a debt or equity provider. We are ready to negotiate the structure and terms that fits your needs. Our experience, and training from Charted Professional Accountants Alberta may help you to uncover many options you may not have looked at or even been aware of.

We offer

  • Consult on business diagnostics, prepare funding request package, and approach the equity or debt provider to say yes.